“Listening to the angelic voice of classical pop crossover artist Aria Tesolin on her new album Ascension is an instant release from the mundane urban existence.  Only the really special artists can provide a truly uplifting, shackle-breaking experience, which Aria is able to provide the listener with in spades. This type of ethereal, moving experience is an increasing rarity in a musical landscape overrun with auto-tuned singles and self-indulgent pop stars.”  Madison Jones – Verve Girl


“The vocal virtuoso has since blossomed as a lyricist too, as can be heard on this strong second album. It fuses classical, pop and electronica elements to beguiling effect, with producer/arranger Douglas Romanow doing fine work.” Kerry Doole – New Canadian Music


Woman to Watch: Aria Tesolin

“that sense of maturity shows in her new, now adult work….Tesolin’s lyrics now work through life’s more pressing challenges: isolation, faith, overcoming. The songwriter’s sound borrows from a buffet of genres. Pop, rock n’ roll, jazz, and — of course — opera all trade jabs in any given piece. Ascension’s title track, for example, is at once an introspective play on musical theatre, and a demented Cohen-esque waltz.” Barry Chong – Toro Magazine


MUST-SEE: Aria Tesolin, the opera prodigy who gives the Callas treatment to Nirvana hits  “In concert, she goes beyond the standard repertoire to sing poperatic arrangements of tunes by Corinne Bailey Rae and Nirvana. To hear her give Kurt Cobain’s words the Callas treatment is to witness a performer finally finding her true voice.”  Toronto Life, Nov. 2013


“..Tesolin has become a veritable jazz-diva-in-waiting, her warmly hued voice staking a definite claim on the pop-flavoured end of the genre.” Toronto Life, June 2012


This is an artist with a tremendously bright future.” Gene Foley – Foley Entertainment


Show Review: “Aria Tesolin – rising, and destined to become a star; Her hypnotizing, euphoric, and angelic voice mesmerized the audience. Her strengths lie in her soprano abilities, which is why she is known for her operatic singing. Her notes were carried far off into the room, and caused complete silence amongst the crowd, who were kept in deep anticipation of her next song. Her show was majestic. Her innocent demeanour subtly disguised a remarkable talent, and powerful voice. She delighted all by debuting a song she had been working on for a while, titled, ‘Nobody knows’. It was an ethereal performance, akin to the melodies of Evanescence. She used her soprano talent to blend and harmonize with a contemporary rhythm that left most waiting for more.” Marina Radovanovic – Raz Mataz Magazine http://www.razmatazmag.com/hnss-6nov2011.html


Winner, Best Vocalist of the Month Award on SingerUniverse.com, Sept 2011 “Dolce” is a graceful, classical/pop ballad which provides a fine showcase for Tesolin’s singing and writing ability. This song starts off with an acoustic piano track, and then builds momentum with a elegant string arrangement and a soaring chorus melody. The most impressive aspect of this recording is Tesolin’s wide vocal range–she begins the song singing in a deep, rich voice, and then goes into a higher soprano range in the chorus.” Dale Kawashima, Singer Universe http://www.singeruniverse.com/competition-winner-84-123.htm


“Every once in a while you find an artist who has that special something; an artist who has a voice that makes the hairs on your arms stand up; an artist whose music just makes you feel really good – that artist is Aria Tesolin. Aria has a true sense of musicality and originality that is hard to come by now-a-days. Aria’s true songwriting talent is to take something universal and turn it into something truly majestic and magical. Aria Tesolin will take your breath away…. Underlying Aria’s gorgeous voice are perfectly detailed arrangements and an artistic delivery that hasn’t been seen since Norah Jones first hit the scene. Aria is both a musician’s musician and a people’s musician; she appeals to the concert hall trained ear and to general audiences who know they are hearing something extraordinary, but at the same time feel as though every song Aria sings was written just for them.” Silvia Harris, Aug. 2011 Record Label Door, A& R Tip Sheet Review http://www.prweb.com/releases/2011/8/prweb8715620.htm


Album Review  “a gorgeous ten-track collection….  Listen for her expert application of vibrato and the ever-so-slight whispiness as well. Enthusiasts will be impressed with the fabulous application of control and restraint that establishes a perfect cadence with the arrangements.” Russell Elliot Musical Discoveries